News polymyositis research

Från VHNK: "The VHNK is happy to report on some important steps forward in the research around polymyositis.
A mutation has been found which is the cause off the illness. This means heterozygote and homozygote animals can be identified. However, this mutation does not cause all homozygote animals to become affected by the illness. As a result, the mutation does not differentiate between sick or healthy homozygote animals. Therefore, we cannot yet offer a DNA test that can specifically mark animals affected by the illness.

At present the laboratory of Utrecht University (UU) is engaged with genotyping all breeding-animals. When completed, this will give the necessary information to come to a constructive method to avoid breeding Polymyositis cases. As soon as the Fit2Breed app is ready for use, a risk assessment will be available in the app."


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